Artist Statement

My painting at Wickford Art Association

I am in love with the natural world in all its mysteries and complexities.  My appreciation and concern for the earth is a passion which informs and motivates my work as an artist and photographer. The inter-dependence of life forms and the effects of light and temperature engage my senses to inspire an artistic expression or impression on canvas, paper or through my camera lens.    I have an intense desire to abstract the natural beauty of the earth.

 My purpose is to offer visual beauty in an endeavor to engage the viewer’s mind and heart; thereby possibly moving the viewer toward caring for the earth.   When I approach a work of art, be it a painting, a monotype or a photograph, my first decision is my palette as I am intrigued by color in its infinite variety and seeing a color change its hue when adjacent to various other colors.  My process is to enjoy the interplay of shapes, color and value as a work of art develops.

 My artistic style over the years has evolved from realism through abstract impressionism and is now approaching abstract expressionism.  It is a privilege to have the freedom to be an artist. 

 In my journey to challenge my hands to develop what my eyes see and what my heart feels, I am in a constant state of learning.